Silk coconut yogurt

May 25, 2018

  Snack break with my new favorite unsweetened coconut yogurt by @lovemysilk! This is a must-try especially if you have given up dairy and are looking for something with the same texture, and mouth-feel as yogurt! I absolutely love it. Complete the snack with berries, granola and some nuts/seeds. Delish!      


La Tourangelle artisan oils

May 3, 2018

  What type of oils are you using in your cooking? Or do you have extra virgin olive oil on repeat?? Matching the type of oil with application and heat, can transform your cooking, the flavour and nutrition of your food. The smoke point of an oil is the level at which if heated beyond […]


This lemon press is just the best

November 1, 2017

Amidst the season of latte’s, pumpkin spice and hot chocolate, don’t forget about your lemon water! (ps. And this lemon press is just the best) There are so many incredible benefits to drinking fresh lemon water, but one of the most important is related to its antioxidant ability. Think about what happens when you squeeze […]


MCT oil for an energy and metabolism boost

October 20, 2017

Good Morning Friends—are you looking for something to give your body an energy and metabolism boost? Try incorporating medium chain triglycerides (MCTs) into your morning routine! MCTs are extracted from coconut oil and are a mixture of Caprylic and Capric acid. MCTs will assist your body’s energy factories (mitochondria), make energy. They also: help your […]