7 Ways To Feel Happy During The Winter Months
November 15, 2021

Happy Monday friends!🧡

I hope your week is off to a positive and healthy start. I always find the time change is associated with an overall low energy/mood. The short, dark, days that are accompanied by a lot of rain out here in the west coast can leave many of us fair-weather lovers feeling a little low. 🙋🏼‍♀️

Although I will always love the sunshine most, I find winter to be a time to dig deep and create a cozy, calm sanctuary to focus. Rather than saying how much I dislike the dark and rain, I try to focus on what I do like about this time of year.


Here’s 7 of my favorite ways to help feel happy during the winter months.

  1. 01. 🛀 A hot bath with a relaxing and nourishing blend of bath salts and bubbles. A day time bath on a Saturday afternoon feels especially enjoyable!
  2. 02. 🪴 House plants- give life, oxygen, and can really beautify a space. I also love mini bud vases of fresh flowers- especially in the bathroom or beside my bed.
  3. 03. ✨ Candles- I rarely light them during the summer, but in the early dark mornings of winter, it’s one of the first things I do while waiting for my coffee to brew. The house smells so good, and it provides a peaceful vibe as we begin our day.
  4. 04. 🧘🏼‍♀️ Deep breathing, meditation, stretching and movement. Every. Single. Day. Every minute counts and trust me even 10 intentional minutes can transform your mind and body.
  5. 05. 🫖 A cup of herbal tea or a lemon/ginger/honey tonic while working is a favorite and instantly makes me feel warm and nourished.
  6. 06. 🤝 volunteer and or lend a hand to someone- a friend, neighbor, colleague, the act of giving of yourself can be such a valuable way to boost everyone’s spirit.
  7. 07. 🌈 and of course everyday eat real, whole, living food. You are a living body. Your body needs living food to be its best. I would also recommend adding vitamin D3, and omega3 oils to your supplement regime as they are known to boost mood and help support immunity and emotional health.


What’s your favorite way to keep your spirits positive and lifted during the winter?❄️🌨☔️

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