My Kitchen- The Heart of the Home
September 15, 2020

A Healthy Home is a Happy Home

Welcome to my kitchen, the heart of my home; the place I spend most of my own time, and our time together as a family. Whether it’s creating new recipes, preparing food, or sitting and chatting with friends and family over a delicious dinner and glass of wine, the kitchen is where it all happens. The kitchen plays an important role in our lives and it’s not just a place for food. It’s a place of nourishment, nurturing, love, laughter, health and happiness. I want our kitchen to be a place where deep, long-lasting memories are made.


Gathering around the table to break bread, share conversations and stores has been a time-honored tradition since time began and something I value immensely. I grew up eating dinner at the table at 5:30 pm. We would give thanks, and enjoy our dinner and time together, followed by the news and a family sitcom, usually Three’s Company. Fast forward 30 years, and time seems to be more precious than ever before. Yet, I still maintain as many of these traditions as I can. If we are busy during the week we gather for dinner at the island, with a simple place setting, and a family-style dinner. When we have more time on the weekend, usually on Sunday’s, I love to set the table with a beautiful linen table cloth, and all the trimmings. It makes my heart happy, and to me, it’s the perfect way to end the weekend and start a new week by gathering as a family.


We moved into our current home three years ago, and during the design process, I knew I wanted the house and especially kitchen to have a light, bright and airy feel. We are surrounded by mountains and the forest provides the most peaceful and beautiful backyard view. Our kitchen is incredibly functional with loads of storage, and a 9 foot island that we can comfortably fit 6 stools around. I worked with my friends at Peridot Decorative Homewear, and they really brought my vision to life. I usually decorate the island with a large glass vase filled with branches or hydrangeas and maybe a beautiful bowl of seasonal produce. I absolutely love to bring in fresh and seasonal touches of nature throughout our home.  I kept the color scheme white with gold hardware on the kitchen sink faucet and cabinets. Our appliances are by Miele, and the 8 burner natural gas stove makes my heart sing. Haha. The French door style fridge gives ample open space, and allows me to keep it organized. If I had to pick one house chore that I love to do, it would be organizing my fridge (my linen closet that’s a whole other story, lol). I use an assortment of glass jars to keep all my nuts, seeds and herbs visible. If you are interested in some of my tips and tricks on organizing a fridge, I have written a post on it, and in my cookbook This Kitchen is for Dancing, I write an entire chapter on how to stock a nourished pantry and fridge.


At the end of the day, the kitchen is about creating a safe and nurturing space for my family, and as we grow together, I will continue to make it as happy and healthy as I can.



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