V I T A L I T Y-

derived from the word “vita” which means “life”.

From a yogic standpoint vitality is when life force flows through you in abundant qualities. You feel:

Your skin glows, you have a bounce in your step, you laugh more and connect better with others.

I write these qualities down at the beginning of every week, with an action plan to help me achieve them. Some weeks I feel like I achieve a flow between all of them, other times there’s a block or a reason, or something comes up that makes it all just feel difficult. However without the intention, the goal and the plan, none of it would happen.

I want to be and feel my best each day, so in order to reach my full Vitality, I incorporate the following into my day:

🌱 healthy food
🙏 sleep/rest
🤗 hugs and love
😇 prayer and meditation
☀️ powerful morning routine
💫 Restful evening routine
📚 Organize my work and home responsibilities
📖 Have a schedule

When you establish a plan, it all starts to flow into place.

So as you begin a new week, spend some time in quiet to look within, figure out your goals for your health, personally and professionally, and let your intentions guide you to your true vitality!!

xo – Karlene

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